Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach speziellen Labels, die lässige Mode
machen und dabei ihre ganz eigene Story erzählen. 

Wir möchten, dass euch jeder Besuch bei uns in schöner Erinnerung bleibt
und deswegen versuchen wir ständig Neues für euch zu entdecken.
Besonders freuen wir uns, wenn wir mit lokalen Designern
zusammenarbeiten können und euch so ein breites
Angebot an schönen Dingen anbieten können.

  • VILA

    VILA is a feminine brand at heart, which believes that femininity is the perfect balance between being delicate and graceful. It is passion for experience, both in spirit and in body, and it should always be reflected in clothes and in the way woman present it. Simplicity is the key to letting personality shine vibrantly through the tides and tidal waves of trends. Less is more

  • Soaked in Luxury

    Soaked in Luxury collections are luxury for the eye and provide young women with a modern style that doesn’t go unnoticed. The styles are sexy, modern and feminine and allow all customers to embrace her personality and femininity in an effortless way. Their success lies in our ability to create must-have and affordable styles with a unique look and detail.

  • Lazamani

    Lazamani is a strong brand with a large fan base. Consumers are enthusiastic about the surprising Lazamani women’s shoes collection and its affordable prices. Shop owners praise the smooth cooperation with them. Especially the sandals and flip-flops from its summer collection provide Lazamani with a prominent position in shoe fashion, but the always current and sharp prized winter collection also carries the well-known Lazamani signature.

  • Rosefield

    Rosefield watches are inspired by the styles of Amsterdam and New York City and were created for free-thinking individuals . Rosefield designes watches with classic and modern combine, which complete form and functionality. Simple, modern, elegant, WOW!

  • Essentials for Zula

    Based in Vienna ESSENTIALS FOR ZULA is an independent Lingerie Label. A collection of delicately crafted Lingerie for the women of the world. Made from the finest cotton fabrics, the collection is infused with the spirit of light summer days, fashion, festival wear, yoga and healthy living.

  • Nümph

    They say: The Nümph Story is a dream come true. We are free to design our ideal type of clothes – here are no limitations. Our dream was to create a brand from scratch, which is different and stronger simply because Nümph sums up our experiences and creativity: cutting edge, twisted, feminine and rough, vulnerable and strong. Like the nymphs in the fairy-tales who fearlessly and very confident of their own strength run through the forest – these are the thoughts behind Nümph.

  • TomShot Berlin

    TomShot is a Berlin Label which produces simple but elegant jewelry. Handmade in a backyard studio they conquer our hearts. They present two collections per year. Thin, tender, very stylish: we luv!

  • Cheapo

    While some gear and wear are made for certain situations, people and places… Cheapo’s can be worn by anyone, everywhere! Good looking sunglasses shouldn’t cost you a fortune. That’s why they offer great looks, great quality and great social values at prices anyone can afford. Born in Sweden inspired by skateboarding, music, art and the people who surround us.

  • YAYA

    Travelling around the globe, experiencing and collecting little treasures is what inspired YAYA to create the collections. Love, laughter and lots of strong coffee is what this company runs on. What they offer is a mix of authentic items. Both feminine and edgy or nonchalant, casual with a feminine twist. Our items are the foundation for every woman’s wardrobe.


    The specialists in trendy scarves and knit items. The newest wash styles, fabrics and techniques for high level accessories at affordable prices.

  • Silvia Gattin

    The viennese designer makes Boots and Bags to die for. On her travels, she gets most of her inspirations and she lost her heart in marrocain designs. She got famous for her Kelim Boots and Bags.


    The Women´s line launched after the successful men´s line SELECTED HOMME in 2008. The danish brand is famous for its edgy, clean looks, which are very scandinavian but feminine.


    The danish brand is an allrounder on the scandinavian market. We love them for their fine dresses and body hugging silhouettes.


    Kate Moss knows how to dress, J.K. Rowling knows how to write a good fantasy story, they know how to make a perfect pair of jeans. MOS MOSH is a feminine brand with a raw and unpolished twist. The fit, the little twist and the love for the things we do, makes them unique.

  • mbym

    mbyM’s signature style is raw femininity mixed with Scandinavian coolness. By creating stylish and uncompromising yet original and affordable designs, they make sure that the mbyM girl is always one step ahead.

  • Love Stories

    Where Underwear becomes Outerwear. The Lingerie Label from Amsterdam designs soft and delicate underwear which always fits perfect. The triangle cut ist significant and a statement in every collection.

  • kiboots

    In Amsterdam three friends reinvent the traditional Kelim Boot for the european market. With a rubber sole and thicker leather, they can offer an alternative Boot for the Lovers of traditional designs with high standards on comfort.

  • ICHI

    ICHI offers fashion based on value for money and luxury for less. The fast forward brand from Denmark designs modern, young styles but wearable for any age and size.

  • I love blossom

    Irene from Vienna started her jewelry brand in 2010. Ideas and design stand out ever since and people simply love the fine pieces and statements that vary from sweet poetry to straightforward statements.


    For decades, the old harbour area in Horsens was the daily workplace for hard-working men and women. The domicile of DEPECHE is now situated in a renovated boathouse in that very harbour area sharing the same values of hard work and honest dedication. They have been focusing on what they do best: creating edgy designs dedicated to high quality, understated luxury and distinct details.

  • BY-BAR

    This dutch Label was created by Barbara Brenninkmeijer in 2008. Her Collections are inspired by her creative and very impulsive personality and vast experiences from many voyages around the world, with special reference to India. It is part of BY-BARs philosophy, to be no subject to trends – the creations excel with a beauty that shines not for one season only!